Sideways6 exists to build better businesses through employee ideas. We believe that great ideas can come from anywhere and that giving employees a voice is the secret to business success.
  • Description
    Sideways6 helps companies find the best ideas and solutions from their employees, especially when the scale makes it difficult for all voices to be heard. By plugging into the existing social media network in the organisation (Workplace, Yammer, Slack), it allows the idea gathering process to be easily accessible for all in the organisation
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  • Pros and Cons
    Pros and Cons
    • Makes idea generation easily accessible for all employees by integrating with internal communication networks
    • Good analytics for the leadership to make a decision
    • Has good looking and modern UI
    • As per the product's public information, it seems like it is only for companies with very large audience of employees (1000+)
    • Can have occasional lags and glitches
  • When to use
    When to use
    Distributed workforce or one that has greater than 1000 employees using Slack, Workspace or Yammer
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