Meet is meant to serve as a business-friendly alternative to Hangouts. You can hold impromptu video meetings on the go, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more for up to 50 people at a time.
  • Description
    Meet is the latest addition to G Suite. A business-focused version of the Hangouts platform, it allows users to conference with up to 50 users at a time. It is integratable with all other G Suite products.
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
    Pros and Cons
    • Integrates with all G Suite products such as calendar, mail, forms, docs, sheets, etc.
    • Is easy on the pocket as it comes effectively free with Gmail
    • Falls short in document sharing capabilities. Is not integratable with competitors such as Dropbox, etc.
    • Support content is filled with jargon becoming tough for a lay man to understand
  • When to use
    When to use
    When G Suite is your everyday destination and you do not want to shift to another platform only for video conferencing
  • Know more
    Know more
    • Powered by Google, the product is swiftly evolving into one of the major challengers to the incumbents
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