Time tracking for those who value insight as Time tracking shouldn’t weigh you down. Treat yourself to easy, intuitive timers that just work, wherever work takes you.
  • Description
    Harvest has been around for a while (since 2006). With an easy-to-use UI and good reports, it also has desktop apps for both Mac and Windows. While its invoicing feature still leaves users wanting for more, it has numerous integrations with various tools in project management, CRM, etc. making it more powerful than most time tracking apps
  • Pricing
  • Pros and Cons
    Pros and Cons
    • Simple UI
    • Boasts of a huge customer base with nearly 800 million hours tracked
    • Invoicing feature needs to be more robust
    • At large scale the app can become pretty costly
  • When to use
    When to use
    For small & medium-sized teams, and service-based companies
  • Know more
    Know more
    • A tried and tested product in the market for more than 10 years
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